Technology has been one of the key drivers of the Indonesian economy and will continue to be for the years to come. The pandemic has shown that companies can undergo a transformation in the technology space of years in a period of weeks. Leverage our Technology Consulting services to take advantage of the current business revolution called Digital Transformation. 


Companies that have scaled rapidly have done so because of one key aspect: cloud services. Our Cloud specialty division helps customers analyze what makes sense to move to the cloud, and how could the cloud migration path look like.  

Big Data

Data is becoming ubiquitous. The trick is how to gain insight from the data at hand. The Big Data consultants help you to maximize the potential in the data you have.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is playing an ever-increasingly important role in the optimization potential of businesses. How can you leverage AI/ML in your organization?


Most will have heard of BlockChain from the cryptocurrency boom with BTC, ETH. However blockchain is much larger than crypto and can provide great value in terms of smart contracts, proof of origin. How was the metal mined? Is the palm oil from a sustainable source? Blockchain provides an excellent way to clarify these matters.


Ensure you are on top of the game of customer relationship management whether this is in the service, sales or other department.  Help us determine the optimal CRM solution for your organziation.


Robotic Process Automation is taking off like never before. Is your organization making the maximum use of RPA?


As we enter the Industry 4.0 era with the convergence of sensors and 5G, it is key to ensure your company is ready for the journey towards Internet of Things.